What’s been happening at Career Access St Helena?

Featured updates:

New Team Member

The Career Access St Helena team welcomed their new Support Officer, Placement Coordinator, Martin George, on Friday, 24 September.  Martin will work alongside the Career Access Manager and Workforce Development Officer providing support services to clients and a number of entities across the private, public and third sectors:  Enabling current and new relations to be effective in supplying the needs of our current and future labour market. 

Career Access Office Location

The Career Access team will be moving to new premises on the Ground Floor of New Porteous House in Main Street this month.  The official opening of the office will be announced by 22 October 2021.   

Apprenticeship Scheme

Useful feedback has recently been received on the current Apprenticeship Scheme and this information, which is currently being collated, will be used when compiling future offerings to individuals using these services. 

Employment Services

The team will be working with key stakeholders to devise services such as assisting with writing applications and CVs as well as identifying skills gaps, to assist those who might need this support.   

The Career Access team recognises that direct communication with members of the public has been delayed recently but this should improve during October and November when the full team is in place and able to function effectively. 

Career Access Manager, Nicola Essex, said: 

“Since mid-August, directly managing and administering the Apprenticeship Scheme, while settling into my new role as well as continuing with my own personal development, has been the most challenging for me during this period. I can honestly say that I wasn’t quite prepared for the volume of work that was involved with this and which was exacerbated by the fact that I am still familiarising myself with how everything works, the links between, who does what, etc.  It was quite an amazing and valuable learning experience for me and has given me some valuable insights into what improvements can be made to add further value to our offerings.  The biggest disappointment on my side is that I have not been able to go ‘live’ yet with services to the public but I’m so happy that we now have a location that will help make this a reality.” 

The immediate priorities for Career Access St Helena are:

  • Advertising and offering our services for those wanting to return to work
  • New Porteous House planning – setting up and getting ready for the official launch. 
  • Continuing to update our webpage at: https://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/cash/

The soft launch period is extended until the end of October 2021 and during this time you can contact the Career Access Team on tel. 22607, or via email: cash@sainthelena.gov.sh 


4 October 2021

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