Update on Titan Flights – Accra Fuel (Technical) Stop

On recent Titan Airways charter flights, some passengers travelling to and from Africa (for example South Africa) have been allowed to board or alight at Accra Airport. This has included Saints who were medically referred to South Africa and needed to return to the Island. This process has been complex with requirements including:

  • A Ghanaian entry Visa (depending on the passenger’s nationality)
  • A negative COVID-19 PCR test result (not older than 72 hours) and,
  • The passenger must have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever which is prevalent in some districts in Ghana.

If passengers do not meet these entry requirements they are not permitted to enter and/or transit through Accra Airport and are therefore not granted a seat on the Titan flight for an Accra transit.

To assist these passengers and to make the process easier, the St Helena Health Services Directorate will be importing Yellow Fever vaccinations on the next Titan Airways Charter flight in May. The intention is then for St Helena Government (SHG) to make it mandatory that any passenger travelling from St Helena for an Accra transit/onward journey must be vaccinated for Yellow Fever before being allowed to travel from the Island.

Future travellers who will be transiting through Accra should note that they will not be able to travel unless they have had a Yellow Fever Vaccine.

To calculate the number of vaccines required, if you have plans to travel in the next six months that will require a transit via Accra you should register your interest in receiving a Yellow Fever vaccination. Please contact Peta Henry on tel: 22998 or via email: peta.henry@sainthelena.gov.sh by no later than 12 noon on Tuesday, 27 April 2021. This is expected to be a one-off opportunity as further importations of Yellow Fever vaccinations are not currently planned.

If you would like to discuss the Yellow Fever Vaccine, for example the side effects or duration of protection, please contact Pharmacist John Woollacott at the General Hospital via tel: 22500.

The cost of the vaccination will be £60.

Please note that in order to be valid, a Yellow Fever vaccination must be administered at least 10 days before travel. With the vaccines arriving on the May charter flight, outbound transit passengers will not be able to be vaccinated in time for this departure but it would allow a departure on subsequent flights – provided that passengers have complied with the other entry requirements.

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22 April 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470
Email: communications@sainthelena.gov.sh