Social & Community Development Committee Meeting – Wednesday, 10 February 2021

The Social & Community Development Committee (SCDC) held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, 10 February 2021.

Two new Senior Social Workers (Childrens Services) – June Barney and Amy Martin – were introduced to the Committee.

In light of the representations received, the draft Archives Lending Policy was reviewed and will be strengthened further with additional conditions prior to some further consultation before it is referred to Executive Council for a decision.

The Committee endorsed terms of reference for a St Helena Safeguarding Board which allows for the Safeguarding Children and Adults Boards to be amalgamated and updated in legislation, although this is currently happening in practice. The Board is a multi-agency strategic partnership that safeguards and promotes the welfare of children and vulnerable adults on St Helena.

The Social Policy Planner, Ann Muir, presented a proposed mechanism to replace the Minimum Income Standard (MIS) for calculating Benefits. Options were considered and the Committee recommended that these be discussed with all elected members and that it should include other wage related issues.

A separate meeting will consider the report compiled following public consultation on the draft Immigration Policy.

The Better Life Allowance (BLA) Policy has been updated to improve the assessment of need for children and adults with additional needs and disabilities. There has been delay in the full implementation of this Policy as it will reduce the payment levels from four to three, low medium and high, which will undoubtedly impact some of the community currently in receipt of this financial support. The work will be undertaken by the Policy Officer in relation to the Minimum Income Standard and will help in relation to the implementation which is planned for in the new financial year.

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26 February 2021

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