R2 Side Path Road Excavation Works

The Rehabilitation of Side Path Road Project works continue to progress, and is now 21% ahead of the Project’s scheduled timeline. 

The hillside excavation is now complete, with the excavation of the Road pavements at 76%, meaning the Project is at 88% of overall completion. 

Health and Safety continues to be managed to strict requirements and we are pleased to report that there have not been any incidents to date.

It has been reported that persons are still parking in front of the barriers and ‘no-parking’ signs that are placed within the area of the General Hospital in Jamestown.  We appeal once again to drivers to respect the no-parking arrangements to help ensure that essential access points, particularly for emergency vehicles, are kept clear at all times. Drivers are asked to comply with the no-parking arrangements around the Hospital.  Should parking problems persist, vehicle registration numbers will be noted and reported to the Police.

If you have any immediate queries in relation to the Side Path Road Project, Site Supervisor, Chris Williams, can be contacted on tel: 67424.

23 November 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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