Prince Andrew School Celebration Of Achievement Assembly

Prince Andrew School (PAS) held their annual Celebration of Achievement Assembly, to recognise the achievements of Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 students, on Thursday, 5 August 2021.

Head Teacher of PAS, Penny Bowers, welcomed students, teachers, parents, and invited guests to the event. Student President, Ronaldo Johnson, and Vice Student President, Luke Bowers, made the opening remarks.

In his speech to fellow students, Luke said:

“In the assembly last week, Mrs Benjamin, the Portfolio Director, read from a list of skills gaps that St Helena has. As we are the next group of people from which the people to fills these gaps are going to come, we urge you to think hard about your future, about your career, about your interests and talents, so that you can work towards being one of the people to fill these gaps. Any one of us here today, can become future leaders of St Helena, and we urge you to do so. It is important for our Island’s future that we step up and take over when the time comes.”

The first presentation of the day was the Sports Cup which was awarded to Cavendish House who accumulated the highest combined points after all of the sporting competitions (Athletics Day, Swimming Gala, Basketball tournaments, etc) from the previous year had taken place.

Mundens House received the House Point Cup for accumulating the highest number of house points over the year and the Cup for the highest combined points accumulated throughout the year as well as the KS3 Inter-house Quiz Cup.

Dutton House received the Behaviour Cup for the smallest number of behaviour points accumulated over the year. However, the overall cup in which the sports points and behaviours are added, and from which the behaviour points are subtracted, went to Mundens House.

The Sports Award went to sportsmen Edson Stevens (KS3) and Jacob Williams (KS4) and sportswomen Georgia Young (KS3) and Rhiann Joshua (KS4) for their outstanding commitment to physical education and competitive sports over the previous year (2020-2021).

Kalem Henry was awarded the KS3 Music Award, Jodie Thomas received the KS3 Art & Design Award and Leah Bedwell received the KS3 Food Technology Award and KS3 Design & Technology Award.

Callum Mittens (KS3) and Aiden Joshua (KS4) were awarded the Agriculture award for their interest in agriculture and for putting their skills into practice in theory and practical works.

The Citizenship Awards went to Harry Winfield (year 7), Bobbi Clingham (Year 8), Lucio George (Year 9) and Adian Joshua (Year 10) for making a special contribution within their year group.

Brandon Wade (Year 7), Keziana Henry (Year 8), Georgia Young (Year 9) and Ice Fowler (Year 10) received the outstanding progress award which reflected the effort and progress they’ve made in each subject over the academic year, calculated based on grade information on the School’s Information Management System.

The Academic Achievement Awards were presented to Max Fuller (Year 7), Luke Bargo and Katlyn Benjamin (Year 8), Hollie Crowie (Year 9), Vivienne Ponsford (Year 10), and Kyla Joshua, Katie-Raye Williams, and Hanna Hickling (Year 12) to recognise attainment made in their A-level studies during Year 12.

Kelly Augustus and Louis Soto were presented the Heart of Gold Awards in recognition of their outstanding support to staff and students.

A new award – The Accelerated Reader Champions Award – was presented to Leah Bedwell and the Student of the Year Award was presented to Ava Thomas (Year 7), Bobbi Clingham (Year 8), Leah Bedwell (Year 9) and Tyran Henry (Year 10).

Physical Education Teacher, Scott Crowie, was also awarded a certificate for achieving his Level 4 Cambridge International Teaching & Learning Certificate.

The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks from Head Teacher, Penny Bowers. In her closing remarks, Penny said:

“Thank you to our parents here with us today for the time you give in nurturing and supporting your children in their educational journey. We look forward to the coming year to continue to work with all of our stakeholders for the betterment of all of our children here on St Helena and for students to lead us into the next phase of wherever we’re going on St Helena.”

Congratulations are extended to all awardees.

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10 August 2021

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