Official List of Candidates for the 2021 General Election

Returning Officer, Carol George, this afternoon announced the names of 29 Candidates who will be standing for this year’s General Election.  The electorate now has the opportunity to vote for up to 12 Councillors to represent the Island on the Legislative Council:

The Candidates are as follows:

Leslie Paul Baldwin of Half Tree Hollow

Rosemary June Bargo of Half Tree Hollow

Clint Richard Beard of Market Street, Jamestown

Keith Gordon Brinsden of “Stoneybroke”, Lower Cow Path, Half Tree Hollow

Gillian Ann Brooks of  25 Barracks Square, Jamestown

Mark Alan Brooks of  2 Fullers Flats, Jamestown

Cruyff Gerard Buckley of  “Amourville”, Half Tree Hollow

Ronald Arthur Coleman of Silver Hill, Levelwood

Gavin George Ellick of  New Ground, St Pauls

Jeffrey Robert Ellick of  No 76 Wirebird Drive, Half Tree Hollow

Corinda Sebastiana Stuart Essex  of “Villa Ajaccio”, Napoleon Street, Jamestown

Julie Christine Fowler of Jayanns Villa, Guinea Grass, St Pauls

Melissa Kim Fowler of  Nr. Writing Stone, Sandy Bay

Martin Dave Henry   of Cow Path, Half Tree Hollow

Elizabeth Knipe of Bamboo Hedge, Sandy Bay

Paul Laban of Little Varneys, Alarm Forest

Robert Charles Midwinter of “Vasco Da Gama House”, Tern Drive, Half Tree Hollow

Christine Lilian Scipio of Blackfield, Longwood

Damien Shaun Thomas of Old Boys School, Jamestown

Derek Franklin Thomas of Cow Path, Half Tree Hollow

Donald Eric Thomas of Cardinal Drive, Half Tree Hollow

Julie Dorne Thomas of Gordon’s Post, Alarm Forest

Karl Gavin Thrower of The Flag, Levelwood

Andrew James Turner of Burgh House, Barren Ground, Blue Hill

Helene Virginia Williams of Thorn Cottage, Sandy Bay

Lionel George Williams of “Brenville” Nr Half Tree Hollow, St Pauls

Patrick Arthur Williams of “Patlinrose”, Ruperts Valley, Jamestown

Russell Keith Yon of Nr Avondale, Half Tree Hollow

Peter Anthony Young of “Oursins”, Ladder Hill, Half Tree Hollow.

The full Declaration, including the names of Sponsors, will be Gazetted as soon as possible and published on the St Helena Government website.

Polling Day is set for Wednesday, 13 October 2021.  Details on how and where to vote will be published in next week’s newspapers.

Two photos are attached to this press release.

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29 September 2021

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