International Civil Aviation Day

The Inaugural Flight operated by Airlink (previously known as SA Airlink) on 14 October 2017

Today is International Civil Aviation Day when we recognise the vital role aviation has in boosting global social and economic development and connecting people, cultures and businesses across the world.

With the commencement of scheduled air services to St Helena on 14 October 2017, St Helena forms part of this only rapid worldwide transportation network that facilitates international trade and tourism.

Today, we recognise the importance of aviation but we also recognise the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the industry, including on St Helena. Travel bans and lockdowns brought about by the pandemic led to a temporary suspension of our only scheduled air service provision with Airlink in March 2020 to date. Despite this, access has been maintained to the Island seeing 60 plus flights (including charter, medevac and calibration flights), providing a swift link to the rest of the world and allowing important medical supplies, equipment and people to be brought here.

Minister for Treasury, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Mark Brooks said:

“Today we celebrate the work of everyone on St Helena who has a key role in the international aviation industry. We thank them for their work to maintain access to the Island during this challenging time to ensure that we continue our important links with the rest of the world, including supporting economic and tourism development and aero-medevac capability.”

Notes to Editors

All aviation and air access matters on the Island are the responsibility of the St Helena Government (SHG) Civil Aviation team of the Treasury, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Portfolio. The team leads on all aviation regulatory matters along with strategic planning to support ongoing air access in support of Island needs.

The team co-ordinates and oversees key air access related contracts within SHG including:

  • St Helena Airport Ltd (SHAL) Agreement – To manage the operation of the Airport
  • Interim Fuel Management Contract with Puma Energy – Provision of fuel management services to St Helena Airport
  • UK Met Office Contract – To provide met forecasting services at St Helena Airport
  • Air Services Provider Contract with Airlink – To provide regular, scheduled flights to St Helena
  • Charter flight agreement with Titan – Contingency to maintain air access during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Passenger and Airfreight booking management agreement with Solomon & Company (St Helena) Plc – for bookings on Titan flights during the COVID19 pandemic.

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7 December 2021

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