Gavie Williams Achieves Cambridge International Diploma In Teaching & Learning (Level 5) With Distinction

St Pauls Primary School Teacher, Gavie Williams, has recently achieved a Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching & Learning (level 5) with distinction following two years of study.

The course consisted of two modules – Teaching and Learning in Action and Developing Professional Practice – and was led by previous Teacher Training Advisors, Gary Cameron and Frazer Stone.

Gavie explained more about her course:

“This diploma allows candidates to explore a number of key questions and engage in a series of activities closely related to their everyday professional work. These activities and related reflections produce evidence for the assessments which encourages candidates to reflect on their learning and on what it means for their approaches to teaching. It also helps candidates to demonstrate through examples and accounts of practice that they are acquiring new skills, learning how to use their new skills and knowledge, and linking changes in classroom practice to improvements in student outcomes.”

Portfolio Director of Education, Skills & Employment, Wendy Benjamin, added:

“Gavie is the first to achieve this qualification so this is a momentous occasion for us. We hope that others will aspire to build on their learning from the Certificate in Teaching and Learning and work towards gaining a Diploma as well. We now look forward to this learning being put into practice. Congratulations are extended to Gavie for this achievement.”

Gavie concluded:

“I am pleased to finally complete my qualification and to be the only candidate who has completed the level 5 diploma on-Island. The experience was invaluable as it has allowed me to reflect on and build my teaching practice. I would like to thank my family for their support and the guidance from Teacher Training Advisors, Gary Cameron and Frazer Stone.”

Congratulations are extended to Gavie!

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17 September 2021

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