Consultative Poll on Governance Reform – Polling Day This Week

St Helena will go to the poll this week on Wednesday, 17 March 2021, after Legislative Council unanimously agreed that a Consultative Poll on Governance Reform be held on St Helena.

The Poll will ask the public if the current Governance System should be changed, and if so, whether it should be changed to a Revised Committee System or a Ministerial System.

Register of Electors and Supplemental List

To be able to vote in the Poll on Polling Day, persons MUST be included within the Register of Electors which came into effect on 1 July 2020, or have since applied to have their name included on it, or be included on the Supplemental List of Individuals compiled for the purposes for this Poll only.

The deadline has now closed for inclusion on both these lists for the Poll.

The Register of Electors, July 2020, is here. Though it does not contain the names of those who have since applied to be included on it, notification of persons who have applied to amend the 2020 register by including their name or other change of details, have already been made public via various Extraordinary Government Gazettes. The Supplemental List of Individuals, to be used only for this Poll, is here.

Information to Help Aid Your Decision

With Polling Day just days away, this is now your last chance to assess all of the information that has been given on the three systems of Governance.

There will be radio discussions today, Monday 15 March, on both local stations where Elected Members will discuss the current and proposed systems of Governance, as well as give out information on the arrangements for Polling Day and how to cast your vote.

You are also encouraged to check out information released in the lead up to the Poll to help make your decision on how you will vote on Polling Day. These include:

  • Articles/Posters in local newspapers (also available on the SHG Website)
  • Detailed Information Booklet (available in Island shops, key locations, and on the SHG Website)
  • TV Presentation (on the Local TV Promo Channel)

Furthermore, you are also encouraged to chat and engage with members of Legislative Council.

This is an important Poll for St Helena and we hope that as many voters as possible turn out on Polling Day to have their say on St Helena’s future system of Governance – whether that be to keep the Current System or implement a Revised Committee or Ministerial System.

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15 March 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470