Arrival of the MV Helena

The MV Helena is scheduled to arrive at St Helena on Friday, 17December 2021, and will dock alongside Ruperts Jetty. Cargo operations will start on Saturday, 18December 2021.

The MV Helena will stay alongside Ruperts Jetty until Tuesday, 21December 2021, when she will then go to anchor before departing St Helena on Monday, 27 December 2021.

The MV Astra is also scheduled to visit St Helena on Tuesday, 21 December. The MV Astra will come alongside Ruperts Jetty just for refuelling and to take on provisions, and will depart later that afternoon once completed. All normal COVID-19 protocols will be adhered to.

The public is therefore advised that the Jamestown Wharf and the whole of lower Ruperts, including the beach area, will be closed to the public from Friday, 17 December, until Wednesday, 22 December 2021. These areas will be strictly prohibited and is limited only to those who have made prior arrangements with Port Control.

Boat owners and operators are advised that mooring on the ‘span’ mooring rope near the landing steps at the Jamestown Wharf is prohibited for the duration of cargo operations.

The public is thanked in advance for their patience and co-operation.

The crew of the MV Helena wish to take shore leave whilst the vessel is docked at Ruperts. They will undergo the standard testing on arrival procedure and, if negative, will be cleared to enter the community.

15 December 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470