Social & Community Development Committee Meeting

  • Committee endorses Equality & Human Rights Commission (Amendment) Bill
  • St Helena National Trust (Amendment) Regulations endorsed
  • Public Consultation to commence today on Criminal Justice (Fixed Penalty Notice) Bill 2019
  • Positive movements in Children & Adults Social Care in 2019, including full complement of staff within various residential and sheltered settings 

The Social & Community Development Committee (SCDC) welcomed new member Councillor Jeffery Ellick to their monthly meeting on Wednesday, 11 December 2019, and the following items of business were discussed: 

The CEO/Commissioner of the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Catherine Turner, presented a proposal to the Committee to amend the Equality & Human Rights Commission Ordinance to allow the Judicial Services Committee to review and recommend Commissioners and other statutory appointees to His Excellency the Governor for appointment to the EHRC. The Committee endorsed the Equality & Human Rights Commission (Amendment) Bill.

The St Helena National Trust (Amendment) Regulations were presented by the St Helena National Trust (SHNT) Director, Tara-Jane Sutcliffe, and was endorsed by the Committee. The amended Regulations will introduce a number of improved governance measures as part of the Trust’s strategic and operational development. The two significant changes include:

  • Placing the Trust’s society members into Regulations following their removal from the Ordinance in March 2019
  • Removal of responsibility for the Historic Environment Record. Whilst the Trust remains committed to protecting and promoting Island heritage, this move recognises the reality of stretched resources and the Trust’s inability over recent years to deliver on this responsibility.

The Committee agreed their consultation plan for the Criminal Justice (Fixed Penalty Notice) Bill 2019. Public consultation meetings will commence from today, Thursday 9 January. Fixed Penalty Notices will allow for minor offences to be treated as civil penalties and will avoid a criminal record for the offender.

The Committee was keen to hear the progress and positive movements made over the past year within the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate. Some of the highlights being:

  • Successful recruitment of a full complement of staff within the various residential and sheltered settings
  • Increase in the service offer in relation to outreach support for older people and people with additional needs and disabilities to enable them to remain at home with their families thus preventing the need for institutional/residential care
  • The service has established clear threshold documents for both Children and Adult Services, which is available via the SHG website
  • The Corporate Parenting Strategy, Fostering Campaign, updated safeguarding training development and delivery, as well as updates of all policy areas
  • A number of successful events from World Elder Abuse and Children’s Rights to the White Ribbon Campaign. All of which have been well supported by agencies across the Island, increasing awareness in each area. 

The committee attributed the success and progress of the service to the Director, Tracy Poole-Nandy, and her team, and wished them well for another successful year.

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9 January 2020

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