Jamestown And Rupert’s Valley Rockfall Protection Project – Update On Planned Works And Road Closures

The Jamestown and Rupert’s Valley Rockfall Protection Project is now entering its sixth week, and work is progressing well. To date, CAN France has installed 402 anchors for rockfall catch fences and has cleared loose rocks from the cliffs above Rupert’s Wharf.

This week, CAN France will continue to install anchors for rockfall catch fences above the Bulk Fuel Installation and above Ladder Hill Road. They will also re-commence work at Rupert’s Wharf, following the departure of the MV Helena. In the next few weeks, the drill rigs will move further up James valley (above the General Hospital and Maldivia Road) as well as above the Rupert’s Valley Power Station.

Rupert’s Wharf Closure

The closure of Rupert’s Wharf will be reinstated on the departure of the MV Helena. This closure is necessary due to the diverse and complex array of works that are being carried out to ensure the long term safety of wharf users. The rockfall protection will include two types of rockfall netting, two levels of rockfall catch fences and a rock trap.

Road Closures

The following road closures will continue until Friday, 20 March 2020:

  • Shy Road closed 24 hours a day, seven days a week (no access)
  • Ladder Hill Road closed from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. Access to emergency services and funeral processions only during the closure period.

These closures are necessary to enable CAN France to drill and grout catch fence anchors immediately above the junction of Shy Road and Ladder Hill Road.

The public is advised that when travelling to or from Jamestown during the week to commence their journeys before 9am or after 3pm, or alternatively travel via Side Path Road or Constitution Hill Road.

CAN France and Fairhurst would like to thank St Helena residents for their patience during these closures.

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SHG/CAN France/Fairhurst

19 February 2020

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