Exploitation training to be delivered on St Helena

  • Multi-agency training in the area of exploitation to be delivered on St Helena
  • Training will focus on signs and symptoms of exploitation
  • The aim is to help improve awareness and keep our children safe

Two consultants from the UK will arrive on-Island this weekend, Saturday 8 February 2020, to work with the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate in delivering multi-agency training in the area of exploitation. The consultants have led exploitation teams in the UK and have delivered training and intervention with children and young people who have been the victims of exploitation in the North West of England.

Director of Children & Adults Social Care, Tracy Poole-Nandy, explains:

“The exploitation training has been commissioned to raise awareness across the Island of the indicators and impact of exploitation. This training will enable all partner agencies to work together to ensure that this area of risk, which was previously highlighted by the Wass Inquiry, is fully understood as a means of prevention and response from a multi-agency perspective.

“Exploitation is a worldwide issue and we need to ensure that we have the appropriate knowledge and skills on St Helena to recognise and respond to this risk, especially as we increase our connectivity with the landing of the cable by 2022.

The training will address online safety and grooming of children and vulnerable adults in preparation for increased connectivity which will inevitably increase the risks in this area. The team will also deliver assembly work agreed by Education to support our children to understand healthy and unhealthy relationships, online safety and risks of grooming and exploitation.”

This training and child-centred work will focus on the signs and symptoms of exploitation, online grooming, trafficking and harmful relationships. Training will take place across all sectors – Social Care, Education, Health, Police, Housing and Environment & Natural Resources. Sessions will also be open to private and voluntary organisations to ensure that this knowledge is imparted across the Island to help improve awareness and keep our children safe.

Training will be delivered from Friday, 14 February, through to Friday, 21 February 2020, at the St Helena Community College. Dates, times and booking arrangements will be made available from the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate. 

Sessions will also take place with the Social & Community Development Committee, Safeguarding Children’s Board, SHG Core Leadership Group and at School assemblies.

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6 February 2020

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