Education Directorate’s Business Manager Awarded Master Of Business Administration

The Education Directorate’s Business Manager, Caesar Bond Nayoto, was recently awarded a Master of Business Administration Degree by the University of Gloucestershire.

Caesar undertook a two-year masters degree course and submitted a dissertation on strategic leadership and how it impacted on organisational performance in recent times.

Caesar commented:

“The course was tough and demanding, cutting one away from social life but in the end worth all the hard work. One highlight was the International Business Consultancy, part of the Master’s course, where we had to identify a company in a foreign country and offer consultancy services by providing a real solution to an existing problem within that company. This had to be done over a five-day visit to the company, with a presentation to the company’s top Management being done on the last day.

“I cannot hide the joy and value of the transformation that the course provided to me. It has widened my scope and philosophy and made me an international brand that is innovation ready and carrying the right toolkit.”

Director of Education & Employment, Wendy Benjamin, added:

“Congratulations are extended to Caesar on this achievement. The learning that Caesar has gained from undertaking this course will be put into practice through his role as Business Manager and will contribute to improving our organisation.”

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24 February 2020

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