Waste Management Services Implement New Environmentally Friendly Operations

  • Waste Management Services add new maintenance works to their normal operations
  • New operations will be delivered using newly procured, environmentally friendly, cordless power systems
  • The new equipment and operations are in line with the objective to reduce and minimise Greenhouse Gas emissions, as set out in the SHG Climate Change Policy

Waste Management Services (WMS) have recently expanded their portfolio and incorporated the maintenance of the picnic areas along the Access Road (developed by WMS in 2019 through the Governor’s Enabling Fund) and grass and weed cutting around public toilets, bus shelters, and communal bins to their normal operations.

These operations will be delivered using new STIHL cordless power systems, recently procured to replace existing petrol models. WMS implemented these new operations in line with the SHG Climate Change Policy objective to ‘Identify and prioritise measures to reduce and minimise Greenhouse Gas emissions’, and Goal 4 of the Waste Management Implementation Plan to ‘Design and develop environmentally sustainable waste management projects that improve the quality of Island life.’

Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, said:

“The new cordless systems reduce noise, which is especially beneficial around residential and business areas, while also having many environmental benefits by being free of emissions.”

Waste Management Services are committed to their Mission Statement: Working in partnership with customers for a cleaner and greener St Helena.

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16 November 2020

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