Vision and Infrastructure Plan and Strategic Plan for the 2020-2030 Capital Programme Published

The Vision and Infrastructure Plan and the Strategic Plan for the 2020-2030 Capital Programme have been approved by Executive Council and have now been published.  Both documents are available on the SHG website at the following link: and electronic versions and a hard copy are available for viewing at the Public Library.

The Vision and Infrastructure Plan and the Strategic Plan were developed by Consultant John Cox to guide the development and management of St Helena Government’s (SHG) 10-year Capital Programme.

The Capital Programme, of which the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP) forms a part, contributes to a vision of growing volumes of visitors and trade, improving economic performance alongside social investment and a modern and effective Government on St Helena.

The Vision

The Vision for the Capital Programme was developed through a review of various Consultant reports already produced for SHG which described the social and economic developments needed on St Helena by 2030. The vision takes into account SHG’s 10-Year Plan, the Sustainable Economic Development Plan (SEDP) and the various sector strategy papers, such as the Labour Market Strategy, Digital Strategy, Energy Strategy and the draft Water Strategy as well as the Independent Economic Review (IER) which provides an aspirational vision of St Helena by 2050.

Infrastructure Plan

The Infrastructure Plan reviews the current state of infrastructure on the Island and identifies the sector capacities required to support achievement of the 2030 Vision. The demand for improved infrastructure arises from increasing demand as well as greater reliability, quality and affordability. Increased demand will come from development activities including increased tourism, new business sectors, and increasing numbers of residents. The Infrastructure Plan has identified suitable infrastructure projects within the Capital Programme that would be eligible for funding from EDIP.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan describes how the Vision 2030 could be achieved. This necessarily considers development activities in the key sectors of the economy and then identifies the roles of infrastructure in facilitating these developments. The Strategic Plan also indicates the sector priorities for infrastructure to support social and economic development. The highest priority infrastructure for social development were found to be water security and wastewater management and the two highest priorities for economic development were identified as the cable landing station and the container handling facility at Rupert’s Wharf.

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3 September 2020

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