Update on Home Quarantine and Titan Airways Charter Flight

Titan Airways’ Boeing 757-200 at St Helena Airport (July 2020)

The charter flight which arrived at St Helena Airport yesterday, 16 September 2020, departed this morning at 8.16am for Ascension Island with 16 passengers onboard. The flight is scheduled to return to St Helena at 3pm today (subject to change) with 26 passengers onboard.

Passengers arriving from Ascension Island will now be able to quarantine at home or in other properties that have been assessed and approved as suitable locations for quarantine by a Proper Officer.

Relevant information and guidance have been provided to the passengers involved and assurance processes, including daily phone calls, are in place.

The same procedures have been followed for two families and an individual who arrived from the UK. They have also been directed by a Proper Officer to quarantine in properties that have been assessed and approved as suitable locations for quarantine. This follows a risk assessment by the Children & Adults Social Care Directorate, which advised that quarantine at home or in a property within the community is more appropriate for children under the age of 10 years old than at Bradley’s Camp. This is part of an ongoing process for St Helena in dealing with the COVID-19 situation as it evolves. 

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17 September 2020

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