The Office Of The Public Guardian – Information Awareness Day

Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash

The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) for St Helena and Ascension Island is hosting an ‘Information Awareness Day’ on Wednesday, 15 July 2020, at the Jamestown Community Centre. This event is to increase public awareness about the role of the OPG which aims to create a culture that puts the user first and protect individuals from potential abuse.

Key issues to be addressed include:

  • The role of the Public Guardian for St Helena and Ascension
  • Differences between General Powers of Attorney (GPA) & Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)
  • Changing a GPA to LPA
  • Creating a GPA
  • Creating a LPA
  • The different types of ‘Wills’
  • Making a ‘Will’
  • What happens when someone loses mental capacity and does not have a Will
  • The processes involved in appointing a Deputy for someone who does not have sufficient mental capacity to manage their affairs; property & finance, and health & welfare
  • The role of a Deputy
  • Expressions of Interest from anyone wishing to be appointed as a Deputy.

The day will commence at 10am with introductory speeches from HE Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook, Chief Secretary, Susan O’bey, and the Public Guardian for St Helena & Ascension Island, Gavin (Jack) Thomas.

Speakers include:

  • Public Guardian, Gavin (Jack) Thomas
  • Judicial Services Manager, Yvonne Williams
  • Acting Public Solicitor, Helen Scott
  • Social Worker & CCC Manager, Rosalie Brown

This event will provide a platform for individuals to register follow-up discussions with the Public Guardian, Judicial Services or Public Solicitors Office. Light refreshments will be provided.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in protecting their own affairs, or dealing with vulnerable people and their safeguarding.

To reserve a place, please contact Kerry Thomas on tel: 22713.

2 July 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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