Successful Completion Of Elsa Training Programme

The Education and Employment Directorate is proud to announce that Chelsea Benjamin, Claire Leo, Gillian Johnson, Prudence Joshua, Samantha Ellick and Valerie Yon have all successfully completed the Emotional Learning Support Assistant (ELSA) training programme.

Emotional literacy is the ability to understand your own and others emotions and to be able to manage and express emotions in a positive way. It is now widely recognised that emotional literacy skills are as important as academic skills in enabling children to achieve and to lead happy, successful lives. The ELSA Programme therefore plays a key part in realising the Education and Employment Directorate’s priorities for achieving better learning outcomes and inclusive schools.

During the 12-week training programme, the ELSAs learnt about topics such as self-esteem, emotional awareness, effective communication, attachment, emotion coaching, anger management, circle of friends groups, and loss and bereavement. They have also had the opportunity to practice skills such as active listening and writing social stories and therapeutic stories. ELSA training is always planned and delivered by an Educational Psychologist. Here on St Helena, a session was delivered by Clinical Psychologist, Tara Murphy, and a session with Head of Inclusion, Lolly Young, on therapeutic skills.

The ELSAs are now able to plan and implement courses of support, which will typically run over the course of a half-term, to help those children who may need it. This year’s graduates join an already-established group of ELSAs, to provide a comprehensive system of in-school support for St Helena’s children.

Throughout the coming school year all ELSAs will continue to receive ongoing support from Educational Psychologist, Maggie Banks, through peer supervision groups. This ongoing supervision and psychological input is considered an essential element in maintaining the high quality of work of ELSAs.

The Director of Education extends congratulations to all participants for this achievement and would like to thank Maggie, Tara and Lolly for their invaluable contributions to the Programme.

If you would like any further information on the ELSA Programme, you are welcome to contact Inclusion Services on tel: 24543.

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4 August 2020

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