St Helena Weekly Police Report – 26 October – 1 November 2020

During the week of Monday, 26 October, to Sunday, 1 November 2020, Police dealt with a total of 42 reports, resulting in three arrests.

One person was arrested for arson. They were subsequently bailed to return to Police at a later date pending further investigations.

One person was arrested for being in possession of an offensive weapon. This led to them being charged and due to appear before the Magistrates Court.

One person was arrested for indecent behaviour, resisting arrest, assaulting Police and being drunk and disorderly. As a result, they have been charged and will appear before the Magistrates Court.

A report was made of child sexual exploitation, this is being investigated.

A report of a burglary was made and is being investigated.

A report of a house fire was made and the St Helena Fire and Rescue Service (SHF&RS) were called. It was later discovered that the electric power lines attached to the resident’s home had malfunctioned and arced. The home and surrounding area was safely evacuated and the contractor was contacted to isolate the source.

A report of a Road Traffic Offence which resulted in a dog dying was made, this matter is under investigation.

Two Road Traffic Collisions were reported and sorted between the drivers.

A further Road Traffic Collision was reported whereby both drivers were free from alcohol. Minor damage was caused to a vehicle. Having checked details, it was ascertained that one of the driver’s vehicle licence had expired. This is being dealt with.

A report was made of a breach of isolation. As there was no evidence to support that a breach had occurred no further action was taken.

A report was made that a child had failed to return home. Children’s Services were engaged and the child was returned home safely.

A report of an electrical fire was made. The SHF&RS was called and they safely isolated the fire. The contractor responsible for the maintenance was contacted and he then disconnected the source.

Numerous reports have been received of vehicles speeding in the Half Way area at night. Police will therefore be monitoring this area. The public is reminded to please adhere to the 30mph speed limit in this residential area to keep yourself and others safe.

The medical team requested the assistance of the SHF&RS as a person had fallen into The Run in Jamestown. The person was safely extracted and taken to Hospital.

A report of harassment was made. Advice was given and accepted.

A report was made that sensitive material has been dumped, this is being investigated.

A parking query was made and the necessary advice was given. Members of the public are advised that should they request a reserved park for a period of time, it is then a decision for the Highways Authority to approve.

Police resources were used for the arrivals and departures during the October Charter Flight.

A fire alarm was activated in the Jamestown area, however this appeared to be a false alarm. The detector was cleaned and the panel was reset to mitigate the risk of further false alarms.

A burglar alarm was set of in the Longwood area. Officers attended and the required checks were carried out, however it was ascertained that this was a false alarm.

A fallen tree was reported and the Forestry Division was called. The matter was dealt with safely.

School visits took place, Island-wide community engagement continued and assistance was given during the Carnival 2020.

Until next week – Stay Safe!

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6 November 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470