Revised Quarantine Facility Charging Policy

Following feedback from the public, St Helena Government (SHG) has revised the Quarantine Facility Charging Policy which sets out the charges for the use of quarantine facilities on St Helena during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The revised Policy can be found on the SHG website at:

The revised fees to be charged for persons required by the Public Health (Prevention of formidable diseases)(Coronavirus) Regulations 2020 to enter quarantine at SHG’s Quarantine Facility at Bradley’s Complex or a satellite site are:

1. Persons aged 17 or older will be charged £20 per day for every day they are required to quarantine, providing:

a) They have St Helenian status and are ordinarily resident on the Island

b) Their arrival on St Helena is to fulfil a contract of employment of at least one year and they can provide proof of contract of employment, or with a bona fide intention to live on St Helena for at least one year from the date of arrival providing evidence of this intention.

2. Every person under the age of 17 will be charged £10 per day for every day they are required to quarantine

3. All other persons not eligible under 1 (a) or (b), or 2 above will be charged £40 per day for every day they are required to quarantine

a) Persons in this category who are returning to the Island on compassionate grounds where they are returning to visit a terminally ill relative or following the death of a relative may apply for a 50% reduction in the fee providing they can provide evidence to support their request.

The total fees payable shall be charged at the end of a person’s period of quarantine and shall become immediately payable to the Government.

Medical Fees & Charges Chargeable While in Quarantine

If a person requires medical treatment while in quarantine the published Health Fees & Charges will apply.


The following persons are exempted from paying the fees chargeable:

a) A patient returning from overseas medical treatment arranged by the St Helena Government Health Directorate

b) A person returning with a patient under (a) above and who was approved by the St Helena Government Health Directorate to be the official carer of the person referred for overseas medical treatment

c) A dependent who for family reasons was required to accompany a carer under (b) above. A dependent person in this case refers to a child under the age of 17 years.

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2 September 2020

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