Proposed Box Junction At Ladder Hill

Box junction at the entrance of Ladder Hill Fort

The Highways Authority has given approval to pilot a new box junction on the road adjacent to the entrance of Ladder Hill Fort.

A box junction is a yellow box filled with criss-crossed yellow lines painted on the road and is a traffic control measure designed to prevent congestion at junctions.

Roads Manager, Deon Robbertse, commented:

“The box junction will allow easier access for Emergency Services, particularly the St Helena Fire & Rescue Service, and will maintain the correct distance between vehicles to allow motorists to turn at the junction safely and avoid congestion.”

Box junctions are fairly new on St Helena and the following advice is provided to both drivers and pedestrians on what to expect when approaching a box junction:

  • Drivers and pedestrians approaching the top of Ladder Hill Road from Half Tree Hollow are advised to keep the boxed area clear
  • Vehicles should not stop and pedestrians should not stand on the boxed area at any time in order to keep the entrance clear. This will allow drivers coming up Ladder Hill Road to safely turn into Ladder Hill Fort (Colonnade/Fire Station area). This will also allow emergency service vehicles to exit the Fire Station safely without delay.

Line painting works will be carried out as soon as weather permits and a separate announcement detailing closing times and diversion routes will be issued shortly.

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27 July 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470