Increase in Land Registry Fees

Executive Council has recently agreed to increase the Land Registry fees as provided for in the Registered Land Ordinance. These fees were last adjusted in 2006.

Elected Members recognised that Land Registry fees were not proportionate to the cost of providing the service. The table below provides a summary of the most significant changes to the fee schedule:

ServiceCurrent FeeNew FeeReason for increase
Transfer of freehold, leasehold, lease or discharge of charge for each parcel of land affected£15.00£35.00The fee increase includes the upfront fee of discharging a charge and to cover costs. The fee for removal of charge or caution is therefore removed. 
For each hour of survey work within the standard service:
Trainee Surveyor
Senior Surveyor
GIS Manager
Crown Estates Officer 

£5.00 £8.00 £11.00 £14.00 £14.00  
 These fees have been introduced to ensure that members of the public are charged proportionately in line with the seniority of each member of staff.
For each beacon, post or other boundary marker placed by the survey officers in the course of such survey£2.50£3.00Increased cost in materials
For any matter for which no provision is specifically made £25.00This is rarely used but is often a time consuming job therefore there was no standard fee previously.  This has now provided certainty for each applicant on the cost.

The new fees will come into effect from 1 November by an amendment to the rules.

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21 October 2020

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