HM Customs, Income Tax And Port Control Offices -Contact Numbers Reminder

The public is reminded of the following updated contact numbers for HM Customs & Excise, Income Tax and Port Control Offices at the Wharf, which came into effect in August 2019.

HM Customs & Excise

HM Customs & Excise can be contacted on tel: 22287. Please use this number for all Customs related enquiries, including Customs clearance at sea ports and St Helena Airport, Customs laws and procedures, tariff and duty rates, payment processes, operating hours and other general Customs queries.

This number should not be used to check collection/container opening times or to make queries regarding a specific consolidator (e.g. Richard James International). Instead, customers should ensure they contact the Freight Service Provider’s representative on-Island directly.

Income Tax Office

The Income Tax Office can be contacted on tel: 25880 for all tax enquiries.

Port Control

Port Control can be contacted on tel: 22750. Please contact Port Control for all maritime enquiries, including boat licensing, boat inspections, crane lifts, wharf closures, wharf access and operating times as well as cruise ship expected times of arrival and general vessel information.

12 March 2020

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470