Executive Council agrees Commercial Fishing Licence Quotas for St Helena

Executive Council discussed and considered Commercial Fishing Licence Quotas for the St Helena Fisherman’s Co-operative at their meeting on Tuesday, 7 July 2020.

The two types of quotas discussed were the Annual St Helena Commercial Fishing Licence Quota which would set the Total Allowable Catch for Yellowfin Tuna and an Exploratory Fishing Licence Quota for Bigeye each year for a period of two years. An Exploratory Fishing Licence would be accompanied by a science programme.

Executive Council agreed that the following quotas would be set:

  • An industry Total Allowable Catch of 300 tonnes of Yellowfin per year, which the Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Directorate will allocate accordingly amongst members of the fisheries industry
  • An Exploratory Licence of 600 tonnes of Bigeye per year for two years, which the Directorate will allocate accordingly alongside a fisheries science programme.

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9 July 2020

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