Elected Members Visit The Peaks National Park

Elected Members undertook an exposure visit to the Endemic Plant Nursery and restoration areas at Diana’s Peak on Friday, 21 February 2020.

The visit was arranged following initial interest in conservation works during the Career’s Fair 2019, with the opportunity presented for the Terrestrial Conservation Habitats Team and the Darwin Project Team (DPLUS099) to showcase the conservation works undertaken.

The importance of the Peaks for the conservation of endemic biodiversity, improved water security and the provision of a socio-economic product was discussed. Additionally, Elected Members were able to meet with the dedicated conservation team and discuss potential facility improvement opportunities.

Elected Members commented:

“The concerted effort shown by all who are involved in the management of the Peaks is testament to their dedication in sustaining what is undoubtedly the biggest piece of an environmental puzzle in Britain’s Overseas Territories. The range of biodiversity is staggering and if protected will solidify St Helena’s position as a Green and Blue exemplar on the international stage.”

Terrestrial Conservation Officer (Habitats), Sasha Bargo, added:

“The Terrestrial Conservation Habitats Team would like to thank Elected Members for allocating time to visit the Peaks and engage in discussions around the importance of the Cloud Forest Habitat at both a local and international level.”

Notes to Editor:

St Helena supports one third of endemic biodiversity in the UK and its Overseas Territories, of which a high proportion of endemism inhabits the Cloud Forest Habitat (~120 of the ~400 endemic invertebrates and ~26 of the 46 endemic flowering plants and ferns). 38% of the drinking water is supplied from just two of the nine water catchments on Diana’s Peak, with endemic habitat better suited to intercepting mist and filtering this down into the ground water levels for extraction, in comparison to invasive habitat. Diana’s Peak has been voted as one of the ‘Seven Wonders Of St Helena’ for the second time and provides an opportunity for visitors to Diana’s Peak to observe the unique endemic biodiversity as well as capture panoramic views from the highest point (820m) on the Island.

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5 March 2020

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