Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) At Bottom Woods West – Update

Works have commenced on the Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) at Bottom Woods West. This work includes site clearance and marking out of the road infrastructure.

A positive response was received from local contractors to undertake the construction of Government Landlord homes on part of the CDA. Site and road excavations will commence shortly.

Members of the public who are interested in purchasing land in the CDA for house building can view a site plan at Essex House or on the SHG website here. An Open Day at Essex House will be announced shortly for interested people to view the site and building plans in detail and ask questions related to this development.

Plots for sale will be advertised later this year once all of the preliminary works have been completed. Plots for sale will have services (water, electricity, sewerage, and telecoms) installed adjacent to the plots. The current sewerage system will accommodate 28 properties. The CDA will accommodate 39 plots in total.

Of the 28 plots, five will be sold at qualifying local resident rates, where eligible tenants can qualify for up to 50% discount on the market value price of the plot. 19 plots will be sold at market value price. Four of the plots will be used for Government Landlord Housing to create five buildings which will accommodate eight housing units.

The remaining 11 plots will become available for sale at a later stage but won’t have access to the current sewerage system. However people might wish to build on these plots to take advantage of the current prices of materials, ahead of a communal sewage system being developed.

Invitations To Tender for the construction of Government Landlord Housing will be advertised in June/July. The public can visit the CDA to understand what plots are available, during an Open Day being planned for August. Adverts for house plots will be issued in October.

Prospective buyers have the option of using approved house plans designed for Government Landlord Housing for their site if they wish to.

Members of the public should note that access to the Bottom woods CDA is restricted whilst construction works are underway.

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3 June 2020

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