Arrival of Repatriation Charter Flight and Quarantine Arrangements

Titan Airways Boeing 757-200 Aircraft ©

The repatriation charter flight from the UK, operated by Titan Airways utilising their Boeing 757-200 aircraft, will arrive at St Helena Airport on Tuesday, 28 July 2020, following an overnight stop at Ascension Island.  Weather permitting, the estimated time of arrival at St Helena is 1pm local time.

While passenger numbers are subject to change an indicative number at this time is approximately 40 passengers arriving from the UK, five from Ascension Island and six passengers from Ascension transiting to the UK.

All passengers arriving on the flight must undergo the 14-day compulsory quarantine requirement and will be transported directly from the Airport to their quarantine accommodation. Transit passengers and aircraft crew overnighting on the Island will also undergo quarantine until their departure the following day. 

Quarantine Arrangements

  • All passengers required to undertake 14-days of quarantine will be accommodated at the Bradley’s Camp Quarantine Facility
  • Transit passengers from Ascension Island will also be accommodated at Bradley’s Camp for the overnight stay
  • As Ascension Island is currently COVID-19 free, Ascension Island passengers including transit passengers will have been segregated from the UK passengers on board the flight and will similarly be segregated and kept at maximum distance from UK passengers while staying at Bradley’s Camp
  • Food delivery, waste disposal and other services at Bradley’s Camp will be kept separate for the Ascension and UK passengers.

The 10 crew members of the Aircraft under regulatory requirements must have a minimum standard of overnight accommodation and cannot stay at Bradley’s Camp as the Camp is not regarded by Titan Airways as suitable accommodation for the crew. It has therefore been decided that the Mantis Hotel will be used to accommodate the overnight crew.  

A complete risk assessment and infection control review of the Mantis Hotel has been carried out by the Health Directorate. Crew members will be required to quarantine overnight in the Mantis Hotel. This means they will remain in the Hotel overnight, they will be monitored and they will not mix with the community. Mitigation measures include crew members wearing face masks during transport to and from the Mantis, maintaining zero contact with support staff at the Hotel and keeping the recommended physical distancing.

Following the departure of the crew the Hotel will be sealed and rooms will be left for 72 hours before cleaning.

The flight will return to the UK via Accra on Wednesday, 29 July, departing the Island at 8am local time. Approximately 100 passengers will be on the outbound flight.

Chairman of the Public Health Committee Councillor Derek Thomas and Director of Health, Ted Rayment, will talk through these arrangements via local radio tomorrow, Friday 24 July 2020, at the following times:

SAMS Radio 1 – 9am

St FM – 9.45am.

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23 July 2020

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