Mia Henry of Jamestown has been selected as the winner of the ‘Name That Seamount’ competition with her suggested name of ‘Charlie Boar Seamount’.

The selected name of ‘Charlie Boar Seamount’ will now be proposed to the International Hydrographic Office for their consideration and approval.

Mia’s entry was chosen out of a total of 42 submissions. In her reason for why the seamount should be named ‘Charlie Boar’, Mia said:

“‘Charlie Boar’ was the nickname of Mr Charles Henry who died in February 2018, the same year of mapping the seamount.

“Charlie Boar was a legend when it came to the many sea activities that were his life.

“A seaman in every right including Fisherman, Boatman, Merchant Navy Sailor and a wealth of knowledge on our local waters, who, in his senior years, many people of many nationalities would consult with when wanting specific information or a general ‘chit chat’ about the nature and history of our sea.

“In his prime, Charlie Boar was denied the opportunity of leaving with the 100 Men, as his role of fisherman was so important to St Helena, that officials would not allow him to leave and required him to continue fishing to supply the Island…

“Charlie Boar is our very own famous fisherman who outlived the rest of his generation. The present generation of fishermen are venturing to the seamounts for a ‘good catch’, and some may even be using skills passed down from Charlie Boar’s time and before…”

Today, 12 February 2019, also marks the one-year anniversary of Mr Charles Henry’s death.

The ‘Name that Seamount’ competition took place between 24 January and 10 February 2019 to name the seamount that was mapped in St Helena waters by the research vessel James Clark Ross last year.

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12 February 2019


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