The St Helena Safeguarding Directorate, working with the Health Directorate, is launching a new initiative – ‘Good Food and Drinks = Best Care’ – from Friday, 1 March 2019.

The initiative will see all Safeguarding Care Homes and Supported Living tenancies providing an adjusted menu to residents that keeps familiar and popular meals, foods and drinks, but adapts them to be better for wellbeing. This will be done through making small adjustments in ingredients and cooking style to keep residents well. Residents with particular dietary needs or issues will continue to be specially catered for.

Quality Assurance & Policy Officer, Gavin Thomas, explains:

“We have been working with Health to make sure that as part of Best Care for our residents and tenants we ensure they receive food and drinks they enjoy, but are also ones that support their wellbeing.

 “Many residents suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart, lung and kidney problems. These conditions and the difficult symptoms they cause can be eased if we take care with the food and drinks we provide. We can also reduce the risk of these conditions among residents who do not have them and maintain their wellbeing better with food and drinks that support their health.”

 Family and friends are asked to support the initiative by bringing in items that help residents’ wellbeing. A leaflet has been provided to all residents and visitors and staff can also advise on any questions visitors might have.

The leaflet outlines a wide variety of food and drink items which can be brought in for residents.

Good Food and Drinks = Best Care Poster 

Small Changes can Make a Big Difference Poster 

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25 February 2019

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