Biosecurity Guidance for Individuals Travelling to St Helena

There are controls on what items you can bring in to St Helena. As a remote oceanic island, St Helena is very vulnerable to the harmful impacts of introduced pests, weeds and diseases. Everyone benefits from a strong biosecurity system so everyone has a role to play. In order to protect the Island please note restrictions on the items you can bring in.

You will require a licence from ‘Biosecurity St Helena’ at ANRD to bring in Bulbs, Fruit and Vegetables. Bulbs are allowed from EU/UK only. Only plant seeds commercially produced and packaged and that are Non-invasive are allowed (seeds collected from a garden for example are prohibited). Fresh produce, plants and certain seeds can carry diseases and pests which could affect our crops or native plants.

In addition, boots and hiking or camping equipment can bring in weed seeds, insects or spiders which can damage our agriculture or native plants and animals. We ask you to please make sure that all such equipment being brought to St Helena is thoroughly cleaned before it is brought to the Island.

It is against the law to import Honey, Sunflower seeds and Bananas. Honey is not processed and can therefore carry bee diseases such as American foul brood, as can many other bee related products and used bee equipment. St Helena has very few bee diseases and local bee keepers are trying to develop honey production. St Helena’s local Banana production is known to be disease free.

All goods and personal effects entering St Helena are inspected by Customs and Biosecurity officers on arrival using a combination of detector dogs, x-ray machines and visual checks. Any prohibited or restricted goods found will be seized. If you have inadvertently brought in such goods you must declare or hand them over to Biosecurity or Customs, or place them in the quarantine bins at the Airport or Jamestown Wharf, depending on your mode of travel.

Before importing anything that could be considered a biosecurity risk, or if you have any questions or require further information, please contact ‘Biosecurity St Helena’s’ staff as follows:

Biosecurity Officer, Julie Balchin at:
Biosecurity Assistant, Nicholas Stevens at:
or via telephone on number: 00290 24724

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470