Waste Management Services Implement Aluminium Drink Cans Recycling

Waste Management Services (WMS) have implemented an Aluminium Drink Cans Recycling operation at Horse Point Landfill Site (HPLS). In recent weeks the WMS Team has skilfully re-purposed their existing drum crusher so that it can crush and bale Aluminium Drink Cans (ADC) ready for shipment. To date, three bales have been produced: 84x74x66cm (38kg), 84x74cmx69cm (43kg) and 84x74x71cm (45kg). Shipping ADC for recycling offers a sustainable income for St Helena.

Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, commented:

“To achieve maximum gain from the ADC recycling initiative, we encourage residents and visitors to dispose of their aluminium drink cans for recycling in the Olympic Bins provided or blue wheelie bins located at Bars. To facilitate this initiative, more of these bins have been located around the Island, including in residential areas, at bus stops, tourist locations, the Airport and even along the Access Road. Olympic Bins allow users to make an ethical choice when depositing their waste, enabling the recycling of aluminium drink cans, glass bottles and plastics, all of which can now be recycled on-Island, as well as providing litter and cigarette butt disposal. Furthermore, a bay in the Public Recycling Facility at the Landfill site has been re-purposed for ADC.”

The increase in Olympic Bins have been generously funded by Enterprise St Helena following Waste Management Services successful funding application to develop recycling on the Island.

Landfill Manager, Patrick Crowie, added:

“We will continue to process ADC at HPLS (utilising the existing manpower and resources) until there are sufficient bales to fill a 20 ft shipping container, at which point it will be shipped, via the MV Helena, to Collect-a-Can in Cape Town for sale and recycling.”

Following the first successful shipment of a container of ADC, WMS hope to refine/improve the ADC collection and processing system. This could include the purchase of a magnetic sorting machine and/or bespoke baling machine.

Notes to Editor:

The St Helena Government 10-year Plan includes the National Goal ‘Altogether Greener’, with targets including implementing a Waste Management Strategy which includes recycling.

Recycling ADC also aligns strongly with the Draft SHG Waste Management Policy which states that the following strategic actions (alongside others) will be implemented:

  • Embed the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle in all aspects of decision making throughout the Island
  • Promote existing reduce, reuse and recycle activities and encourage and support the development of new initiatives
  • Design and deliver environmentally benefitting waste management projects.

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2 December 2019 

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