Perishable Goods Sent through the Post

The following is a public announcement from The Post & Customer Services Centre:

The Post & Customer Services Centre notes that it is customary for customers to post iced and fruit cakes to the UK, and would like to remind the public that goods sent through the post to the UK are subject to spot checks by the UK Border Force.

The UK Border Force has confirmed that items, such as fruit cakes, are exempted from seizure.  However, there are variables that could result in the seizure of items through the mail, including cross-contamination and uncertainty of provenance (origin) of the item.

Customers can determine which perishable goods are allowed in to the UK, and which goods have a high risk of confiscation, by visiting the following link for guidance:

Alternatively, customers can contact the Post & Customer Services Centre for assistance or advice.

Should customers become aware that an item, sent through the mail, has been seized in the UK, a complaint can be made to the UK Border Force.   The St Helena Post & Customer Services Centre can assist with this process by contacting the Assistant Customer Services Manager, Alan Bennett, on telephone numbers 22629/22008, or by e-mailing

6 August 2019


St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470