Governor Rushbrook hosts reception for returning graduates and outgoing Scholarship students

HE Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook hosted a reception at Plantation House for returning graduate students and Scholarship awardees soon to embark on overseas studies on Wednesday, 21 August 2019.

In attendance were three graduate students who recently returned to the Island – David Clarke, Kyle Shoesmith and Jordan Clingham – three outgoing Scholarship awardees – Duwaine Yon, Tiffany Herne and Jacob Bowers – their parents and friends. Other attendees included several teachers, Chairman of the Education Committee, Councillor Clint Beard, and various SHG Officials. Also invited were 2018 returning graduates – Robyn Sim and Rebecca Lawrence.

Councillor Beard praised the graduate students for their achievements and spoke about his hopes for the Island as they take up their new jobs. Governor Rushbrook also spoke about the importance we attach to students being able to learn new skills and gaining new experiences at university, then on return to take an active and responsible role as our next generation in taking forward St Helena’s development in the future.

L-R Jacob Bowers, Duwaine Yon, HE Governor, and Tiffany Herne
L-R Kyle Shoesmith, David Clarke, HE Governor, and Jordan Clingham











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22 August 2019




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