ExCo Report – Tuesday 27 August 2019

A special meeting of Executive Council took place on Tuesday, 27 August 2019, for Council to discuss two important items of business under the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP).

Council approves EDIP Year One Micro-Projects

On 23 July 2019 Executive Council approved a budget allocation of £150,000 for Year One Micro-Projects. This budget will be used for projects that can be implemented relatively quickly with a low total cost (i.e. £50,000) or less and which directly support strategic economic development goals or have the potential to improve future infrastructure investments.

At the meeting Council approved three proposed projects under this budget totalling £101,000:

  • Solar Street Lights – Jamestown
  • Public Toilet Upgrades – Jamestown, Ladder Hill, Longwood Avenue, Half Tree Hollow
  • Costings for Refurbishment of Napoleonic Heritage Sites (SHG’s contribution to the 2021 Vision for the Napoleon Bicentenary)

Members recognised the importance of keeping up momentum under the EDIP and acknowledged that upgrades to the solar street lighting and public toilets will not only have positive public impacts but will also have distinct benefits for the Private Sector in terms of the actual work being carried out.

Members were keen that good value for money should come from these projects. They were reassured that all contracts will be tightly monitored and completed by the end of this Financial Year.

It was also agreed that the remaining £49, 000 under the micro-projects budget should be utilised effectively and Councillors should be involved in the prioritisation of proposed projects.

Executive Council approves Phase Two of the EDIP Year One Programme

 Council approved the following two projects under Phase Two of the EDIP totalling £4.0 million over two years:

  • Rockfall Protection: Rupert’s Valley and Jamestown (including Maldivia)
  • Rupert’s Development – Technical Assistance

All Members recognised the importance of getting Rupert’s operational as soon as possible and recognised that these projects would go some way in achieving a better outlook for Rupert’s.

Members voiced concerns about the additional work that would be required to fully utilise the Wharf for cargo handling. Council was reassured that implementation of works on a container handling area would be progressed for Year Two of the programme.

Indirect benefits to the Private Sector from the rockfall protection work were also noted, including spending on the Island by contractors, utilising accommodation, and vehicle hire, and also creating jobs for Islanders.

The public will be kept informed of development on each of these projects.

The meeting ended at 3.50pm.


27 August 2019

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