ExCo Report – Thursday 9 May 2019

Executive Council met today to consider the recommendations arising from a review of the current and future legislative, policy and operational provisions for the conservation and enhancement of St Helena’s historic environment.

There are five key recommendations highlighted in the review which are:

  1. The drafting of a National Heritage Strategy for St Helena
  2. The establishment of a representative group of those engaged in the Heritage Sector to work together within a regular forum under a common Terms of Reference
  3. To identify finances to allow the completion, consultation and validation of the Historical Environment Record (HER)
  4. To address the resource gap needs and work towards enhancing Government’s responsibilities for strategic management and oversight for the protection, conservation and enhancement of the Island’s historic landscape
  5. To establish a Heritage Grant Scheme to be launched in association with the publication of the HER as the Island’s statutory list.

In considering the recommendations, Members acknowledged the commitment of the subcommittee, established by the Environment and Natural Resources Committee, in producing this most welcome and significant piece of work. It was noted that funding would need to be identified to support the recommendations, and options to obtain finance would be taken forward by the Environment, Natural Resources and Planning Directorate.  Members were happy to endorse the Review subject to the recommendations and associated actions being properly costed, appraised and prioritised through the MTEF process.

Under the Closed Agenda, Members considered a proposal to amend the Immigration Regulations to allow people to apply for Long Term and Short Term Entry Permits whilst present on St Helena. This means that people working on the Island would not need to go offshore to apply for such permits as per the current legal requirement. In discussing this issue, Members noted that the proposed amendment would not make entry requirements for getting a permit easier or change them in any way. Rather, it would significantly reduce bureaucracy, unnecessary costs incurred by employers and employees, and would support private sector development on the Island. 

Members were content to recommend to the Acting Governor that the draft Immigration (Amendment) Regulations, 2019, be approved, subject to ensuring that appropriate processes were in place to deal with issues which may arise as a result of the change.


9 May 2019

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