In a Statistical Bulletin released by the St Helena Statistics Office today, figures show that St Helenians living abroad have taken advantage of the regular scheduled air service between St Helena and Johannesburg. In December 2018, 336 St Helenians arrived to visit family and friends – the highest monthly total since at least 2010. The Bulletin notes that St Helenians living abroad tend to visit family and friends during the months around the Christmas period, and that there has been additional capacity on the scheduled airline following the introduction of a seasonal mid-week service.

Monthly arrivals of St Helenians abroad visiting St Helena for a holiday by RMS St Helena and by air

The Statistical Bulletin also includes detailed estimates of the total population, arrivals, departures, births, deaths, and life expectancy. Some other highlights include:

  • At the end of December 2018, the number of St Helenians on St Helena was estimated to be 4,555, over 5% higher than at the end of December 2017, and the highest number recorded since at least 2010
  • The number of people arriving to and departing from St Helena has been steadily increasing since 2010. In the earlier part of the decade, this was due to the construction activity as the new airport was built, and lately this is due to the start of the regular scheduled air service in 2017
  • Until 2018, most arrivals by sea were by ship on the RMS St Helena. 2018 saw 3,833 people arrive by air, more than arrived by the RMS St Helena in any previous year
  • Recent tourist arrivals by air have also been higher than in previous months. The total for February 2019 was 193, higher than the previous highest monthly total by air of 179 in December 2018
  • There were 26 births in 2018, half the number of deaths (52), and the lowest number of births in a year since at least the year 2000
  • The life expectancy of a child born in 2018 is estimated to be around 77 years; this compares with a UK life expectancy of 81. Countries with similar rates of life expectancy to St Helena include Argentina, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, the Maldives, and French Polynesia.

The full Statistical Bulletin can be found on the St Helena Government website here: detailed data can be accessed in Excel format from the ‘Population’ file via:

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4 April 2019

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