Headlines from the Report

  • Additional investment committed to the Island in 2018/19 was upwards from £1.058m
  • Between April 2018 and March 2019 leisure visitors to the Island spent 43,880 nights on the Island, and an estimated £5.5 – £6 Million during the year
  • Those producing in selected SEDP sectors are now able to claim a reduction in corporation or self-employed tax. New investors now have a set process by which to claim import duty concessions (Approved Investment Scheme). More information available at
  • Work has been done to build a change in behaviour amongst consumers on St Helena. ESH and the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division (ANRD) re-launched the ‘Buy Local, Supply Local’ campaign to encourage change in purchasing habits and hosted popular agricultural events which featured local goods
  • The 2018 milestones for the EDF 11 funding for the fibre optic cable were all met. This allowed us to claim a tranche of EDF 11 funding
  • Plans to launch a Research Institute for St Helena are underway, with a staff member employed to support researchers in developing their applications to conduct research and in planning their visit to the Island; develop website content, secure and make accessible research data and findings
  • An agronomist is now in post, to support the Agriculture sector and day-old chicks have been imported to reduce further risk of local eggs shortage
  • A site for a new marine laboratory and visitors centre has been identified in Jamestown and funding has been secured. Planning permission is awaiting formal approval by ExCo. 

St Helena’s Sustainable Economic Development Plan (SEDP) end-of-year progress report for 2018-19 has today been released by SHG’s Corporate Policy and Planning Unit.

St Helena’s SEDP 2018-2028 was endorsed by Executive Council in May 2018. In order to ensure that the SEDP continues to be effective, six-monthly reviews of the actions were planned alongside yearly updates of the indicator data.

The SEDP vision is to achieve development which is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable and the actions outlined within the SEDP intend to address barriers to achievement.

The above graphic illustrates some of the latest economic data.

The full end-of-year report can found on the Publications page of the SHG website:

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7 June 2019                                                                             

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