All schools on St Helena – Harford Primary, Pilling Primary, St Paul’s Primary, and Prince Andrew School – are joining the schools on Tristan da Cunha and the Falkland Islands to participate in the ‘Race Across The South Atlantic Challenge’.

The challenge, which will begin for St Helena today, Monday 27 May, will see participants try to collect miles to cover the distance between St Helena and Tristan da Cunha.

Initiated by Primary Education Advisor, Clare Ryan, of St Mary’s School on Tristan da Cunha, the challenge aims to encourage exercise and sports as part of a healthy lifestyle for children.

The challenge is open to both children and school staff, though no member of staff may compete on a children’s team and no child may compete on a staff team. Children’s teams need to include both boys and girls.

Each team will include up to five people who will have ten weeks to complete the challenge which covers two levels:

  • Level One – Meet halfway between the Islands and cover a distance of 757 miles
  • Level Two – Cover the full distance between the Islands of 1,514 miles

Miles can be collected by completing a wide range of activities. Guidance on these are as follows:

For walking, running, cycling, and scootering, one mile equals one mile.

For swimming, 48 lengths of a 33m pool equals one mile.

The following activities are worth the noted number of miles:

Activity Duration Miles Worth
Aerobics/Insanity/High Intensity Interval Training/Circuit Training 1 Hour 8 Miles
Football 1 Hour 6 Miles
Cricket 1 Hour 6 Miles
Rounders 1 Hour 6 Miles
Softball 1 Hour 6 Miles
Netball 1 Hour 6 Miles
Dancing 1 Hour 6 Miles

If using a Fitbit or other step counting device, 2,000 steps are equivalent to one mile.

Each participating team will need to fill in a Race Across The South Atlantic Record Sheet to record their miles, submitting a team total to their designated school representative every Friday.

The challenge will close on Friday, 2 August 2019.

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27 May 2019


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