The Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD) has restructured from 1 April 2019. ENRD has now split into two separate directorates – Environment, Natural Resources & Planning and Infrastructure & Transport.

Here is an overview of the services that are provided under each new directorate:

Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Directorate

The Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Directorate comprises of:

Environmental Management Division, responsible for –

  • Implementation of the Environmental Protection legislation
  • Development and implementation of Environmental Management strategies and policies, including a Solid Waste Management Strategy, Climate Change Policy and Pollution Policy, Waste Management Policy, Strategy and Operational Services
  • Managing the Peaks National Park and other sites of endemic interest on the Island
  • Managing the St Helena Meteorological Station
  • Conducting all marine-related management including fish data collection, fisheries science marine biodiversity surveys, habitat mapping, marine species taxonomy, seabird and cetacean monitoring, and managing a marine sightings scheme
  • Conducting scientific research projects
  • Carrying out environmental site visits and initial site assessments, monitoring development projects, and reviewing Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

Tel: 24724

Agriculture & Natural Resources Division, responsible for –

  • Development and implementation of agricultural policy
  • Providing agricultural support and extension services for producers and the public in the areas of arable production, pest management, livestock & veterinary and soils testing
  • Leasing agricultural lands and buildings for agricultural production and product storage purposes
  • Management of the SHG forest estate and delivery of services such as emergency call outs to assist with fallen trees, selling dry trees for firewood, selling tree seedlings and chip & fodder permits, selling forest produce, providing an advisory service and carrying out private tree felling & surgery tasks, providing a wood raw material service to sawmill and firewood service operators
  • Management and implementation of the Island’s Biosecurity Policy to prevent pests and diseases reaching St Helena
  • A fisheries licensing and reporting function for the Island

Tel: 24724

Planning & Building Control Division, responsible for –

  • Drafting planning and building primary legislation, orders, and regulations
  • Preparing development plans and policies for approval
  • Providing advice and guidance to the public and SHG on compliance with policies and the law, development potential of land, building conservation, and building construction
  • Processing development applications and appeals
  • Making recommendations on development decisions
  • Monitoring and enforcing compliance with approved drawings and planning conditions
  • Inspecting, approving and certifying building works on-site

Tel: 22270

Infrastructure & Transport Directorate

The Infrastructure & Transport Directorate comprises of:

Property Division, responsible for –

  • Maintaining all operational properties for SHG
  • Leasing and sale of SHG land and buildings and administration of the properties held on lease
  • Carrying out site inspections and condition surveys
  • Administration of the Lands Disposal Policy
  • Providing valuation advice to SHG and the Bank of St Helena

Tel: 22270

Housing Section, responsible for –

  • The letting of Government Landlord Housing (GLH) and Chief Secretary Houses (CSH)
  • Managing the GLH tenancy agreements
  • Allocating houses to GLH tenants
  • Repairing SHG houses and managing upgrading and improvement works
  • Providing advice to the private sector on lettings
  • Managing the turnover of CSH between contracts

Tel: 22270

Roads Section (including Public Lighting and Rock Guards), responsible for –

  • Carrying out routine inspections of the SHG road network and Sea Front
  • Carrying out planned and reactive maintenance of road network infrastructure including road surface, adjacent walls, safety railings, road signs & markings, and bridges
  • Carrying out verge cleaning of identified roads within resource limits
  • Responding to out-of-hours call-outs to assess and repair damage to road infrastructure if deemed unsafe
  • Managing water which lands on the public road surface and surface water running in watercourses passing under the public road
  • Managing public lighting – the lights on Jacobs Ladder, and Christmas street lighting (with Connect Saint Helena Ltd)
  • Maintaining a list of public lighting faults
  • Arranging prioritised repairs on a monthly basis within resource limits
  • Conducting regular inspections of the rock fall protection infrastructure above Jamestown, the slope above the Museum Car Park, and the fence above the Shears in Rupert’s
  • Conducting ad hoc inspection and clearing of any rock fall risk
  • Identifying new risks and providing monitoring and advice to SHG
  • Responding to rock fall incidents at any time

Tel: 23765

Government Garage, responsible for –

  • Management of the SHG vehicle fleet
  • Providing vehicles for SHG Directorates on a full cost recovery basis for the services provided
  • Providing a service to the public for the hire of plant and certain equipment where these services cannot be provided for by the private sector

Tel: 23208

A full contact list for all services will be issued shortly.

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2 April 2019

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