Bulky Domestic Waste

Waste Management Services’ (WMS) staff have noticed bulky domestic waste – old electrical items, furniture and textiles – being placed next to communal wheelie bins in the Ladder Hill Complex and behind Parish Block in Jamestown.

The public is reminded that the free bulky waste collection service previously offered by WMS has been cancelled. Members of the public are therefore advised to make private arrangements for the collection and disposal of any bulky waste.

Inappropriate disposal of bulky waste can cause environmental pollution as well as make landscapes unsightly. To protect the environment, WMS will collect and dispose of these bulky wastes on this occasion, but all future occurrences of bulky domestic waste being disposed of next to communal bins will be regarded as fly-tipping and may be investigated by enforcement authorities for consideration of prosecution.

Litter Bins

In late November 2017, a brown wheelie bin with a ‘Please Do Not Litter’ sign located for public use at the bus stop at the bottom of Sunnyside was removed. WMS staff have searched the immediate area but the bin has not been located.

The public is advised of the following under Section 78 of the Environmental Protection Ordinance:

  1. Provision and maintenance of litter bins.

(1) The Committee may provide and maintain in any street or public place receptacles for litter (in this section referred to as ‘litter bins’).

(3) Any person who wilfully or recklessly removes or otherwise interferes with any litter bin or notice board provided or erected under this section is guilty of an offence for which the maximum penalty is a fine of £1,000.

Any person with information in relation to the missing bin is requested to contact Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, on tel: 24724 or e-mail: mike-durnford@enrd.gov.sh

Communal Wheelie Bins

WMS staff have noted that several concrete bollards were left in a communal wheelie bin at the Wharf (near the Customs Shed) earlier this week. The public is reminded that construction waste is not permitted in communal or domestic wheelie bins as this could damage the Refuse Collection Vehicles, which in turn could impact collection services. Any waste from construction works e.g. rubble should only be disposed of at the Horse Point Landfill Site.

WMS do not currently have any communal or domestic wheelie bins available for issue and any existing bins that become damaged from inappropriate disposal of construction waste will not be able to be immediately replaced.

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5 January 2018

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