On Monday, 26 October 2018, Brandon Bone of Cow Path was sentenced at the Supreme Court for the offence of assault with intent to rob. A custodial sentence of six years and eight months was imposed.

Detective Sergeant, David Honan, said:

“The length of the sentence handed down reflected the seriousness of Brandon Bones’ actions. He offended against a lone young woman making her way home, having enjoyed a night out with friends. Bone attacked the women as she walked past the entrance to the Mule Yard, dragging her in and onto the grass. He was prevented from causing further harm by the actions of a passing member of the public who intervened.

“Whilst what happened to this young woman reflects the worst in us, the actions of this brave passer-by demonstrates to me that, on the whole, this community looks out for one another. This man potentially put himself in harm’s way to help someone else.

“What happened on that March night is a mercifully rare occurrence on St Helena. This remains a peaceful and safe place to both live and visit.”

A further six months was added to the custodial sentence with regards to previous offences committed by Brandon Bone, for which a Community Service Order that was previously imposed was revoked by the Chief Justice. The total sentence is therefore seven years and two months.

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6 November 2018

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