The public is advised that, although it is still easy to become a student of the St Helena Community College (SHCC), the application process has changed slightly for the 2018/19 school year.

New students will need to complete an application form and then return it to the SHCC either in person or by email to: Application forms are available at the College reception or from the Public Library, but can also be requested via email.

Once accepted into the SHCC and having received a Student ID number, students can then register for courses. The registration form is also available at the SHCC.

General Education courses are open to everyone, so all students have to do is submit a completed registration form to the SHCC, collect their registration invoice, and pay for the course. Once proof of payment is received, students will be given confirmation of acceptance into the course. For free courses, it’s even easier!

Persons interested in an apprenticeship or in any technical and vocational courses are asked to meet with SHCC staff before registering for a course. Staff can help select the provision that best meets the student’s needs.

For Professional or Higher Education studies, applications will need to be reviewed to determine if a student meets the requirements for the chosen course. In addition, students may want to get more information about funding and sponsorship to help pay for studies.

Though students may have questions about possible courses before submitting their registration form, the SHCC asks that students ensure all information requested on the forms are filled out completely and sent in first to speed up the processing time.

If anyone interested would like advice or guidance about the best option for them, please call the SHCC on tel: 22607 to speak to someone or to make an appointment to visit the College in person and find out more.

See poster listing training opportunities available through the SHCC here.

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30 July 2018

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470