The St Helena Sea Rescue held a Certificate Presentation at the Sea Rescue Facility for permanent and Auxiliary crew who successfully gained their VHF License and 15 and 40 Nautical Mile Coxswains License on Friday, 14 December 2018.

The presentation began with a welcome speech by Emergency Planning & Sea Rescue Manager, Simon Wade. In his speech, Simon gave thanks to HE Governor, Lisa Honan, and the Chief of Police as well as family and friends for attending to mark the occasion. Simon then went on to thank the team for their hard work, commitment and for the Auxiliary crew giving up their time from their full time jobs to participate in the training course.

HE Governor, Lisa Honan, then presented the Sea Rescue Crew members with their certificates.

VHF License

Certificates were awarded to Jeremy Clark, Mia Henry, Paul Cherrett, Michael Ellick, Remi Bruneton and Craig Brown for successfully obtaining their VHF License.

15 Nautical Mile Coxswains License

Certificates were awarded to Mia Henry, Paul Cherrett and Michael Ellick for gaining their 15 Nautical Mile Coxswains License.

40 Nautical Mile Coxswains License

A certificate was awarded to Ben Dillon who had gained his 40 Nautical Mile Coxswains License.

Training Facilitator of the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), Graeme Harding, concluded:

“I came across to do 15 and 40 Nautical Mile training as well as radio qualifications for some of the Coxswains. I also came to do a general look around the base and make sure that all the Sea Rescue standard operational procedures are up to date and up to scratch and, as usual, the St Helena Sea Rescue are way up there. There were a couple of things that we had to change, but the guys were really prepared for this course as they had put in a lot of work beforehand. The team have performed very, very well over the course and passed with flying colours, so I’m really impressed.”

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17 December 2018

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