The Social & Community Development Committee (SCDC) held their monthly meeting on Wednesday, 10 October 2018.

Kirsty Mason, DFID’s Safeguarding Adviser, and Michael Cotterill, from the FCO’s Child Safeguarding Unit, were present for the morning’s session. Their visit was to review progress on safeguarding issues. Both were on-Island at different times earlier in the year. Children Services continues to work well and adult services will be strengthened. Key issues going forward are long-term planning, maintaining and improving current services – particularly for those with disabilities, and developing a Fostering Service. Online safety for children, in preparation for when the submarine cable becomes operational, is a priority.

There were updates and discussions on issues including:

Care Campaign – The recruitment campaign that culminated in an open day at the CCC on 13 September had resulted in four permanent job offers and a number of applications.

Signs of Safety – Trainer, Wendy Hill, would be arriving 13 October to provide the second, more advanced, Safety Planning stage of the training. This follows on from the initial training in May and is multi-agency, with a focus on building a common practice framework towards the safeguarding of all vulnerable people on St Helena.

Information Bill – Further meetings with businesses and SHG are planned, following which there will be an assessment of feedback from these and written submissions.

Three Day Work Scheme – As any scheme involving recipients of benefits would require a change in law, this issue is to be assigned to a Working Group examining the Social Security Ordinance. ENRD were considering proposals for a part-time work scheme to support delivery of the roads maintenance programme.

Liquor Licences – The recent amendment to the Ordinance intended to provide for no more than 26 specified occasions covering no more than two days in any seven day period and no more than two consecutive days has been determined by the court as allowing for no more than 13 specified occasions where all other arrangements are identical.

The SCDC comprises of voting members Councillors Anthony Green (Chairman), Cyril Leo (Deputy Chairman), Kylie Hercules, Derek Thomas and Gavin Ellick. Non-voting members are the Director of Safeguarding and the Government Economist. The Committee Secretary is Nicole Plato.

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25 October 2018

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