The Jamestown Swimming Pool will reopen tomorrow, Saturday 13 January 2018.

The Swimming Pool Project has been a massive combined effort from conception to completion by SHG, UK-based consultants and the private sector. The installation of the replacement filtration and pipework system has increased both the efficiency and provides a much improved quality control dosing system, together with the improved appearance of the pool and changing rooms, which will add to the users enjoyment.

The Swimming Pool Project arose following the recent drought which highlighted the leaks and, following various consultations and investigations, the project was initially picked up by the SHG Procurement team who sourced a filtration designer and supplier (Barr and Wray, UK). Once this procurement had taken place and materials arrived on-Island the Project was handed over to ENRD Technical Services and Works teams to design and implement.

Completion of the heritage wall by National Trust, changing room refurbishment by ENRD works team, and Henry’s Construction implementing the difficult task of installing the filter system, pipework and the complementary refurbishment of the swimming pool complex, demonstrates that by working together much can be achieved. The project although challenging has been a huge success.

ENRD commented:

“This project has been made a success by a coordinated effort from various teams, such as, Johnny Dillon, Connect Saint Helena and ENRD works team but most of all Henry’s Construction and their sub-contractors who undertook a monumental task.” 

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12 January 2018

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