The following is a Public Announcement on the Dark Skies public consultation sessions:

Due to the recent flight delay, the Dark Skies public consultation sessions with Dark Skies Lighting Consultant, James Paterson, has been rescheduled for the following dates:

All meetings will start at 7pm.

Date Venue
Friday, 24 August  St Michael’s Church, Rupert’s
Tuesday, 28 August Half Tree Hollow Community Centre  
Wednesday, 29 August Blue Hill Community Centre
Thursday, 30 August Harford Community Centre, Longwood
Friday, 31 August Jamestown Community Centre 

Electrical contractors are invited to meet with James outside of the public consultation sessions. This meeting has been re-scheduled to take place on Friday, 24 August, from 1pm – 4pm in the Conference Room at the Canister.

The separate meeting for wholesalers will remain as previously scheduled for Tuesday, 28 August, from 9.30am – 12.30pm in the Conference Room at the Attorney General’s Chambers in the Castle.

As James will be on-Island for a shorter period, it is regretted that it will not be possible to hold a meeting in each of the districts as was originally planned. However, people are encouraged to attend one of the public consultation meetings.

The Dark Skies legislation and Lighting Management Plan will mitigate light pollution in order to preserve and sustain the natural environment of St Helena. Introducing Dark Skies legislation will enable St Helena to apply for International Dark Sky Status with the International Dark Sky Association (IDA).

23 August 2018

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470