St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were held July which were well attended, and a range of subjects discussed.

Concerns raised in various districts included:

Half Tree Hollow

 Members of the public felt that the junction, near Mr Glen Owen’s residence, could present a risk to drivers as they would have to come out into the main road before they can see traffic coming down. A concern was also highlighted about a blind turning near Mr Mervyn Bagley’s residence.

Police were advised by the Roads Section that the Chairman of the Highways Authority, Councillor Russell Yon, would visit the concerned areas and then take this matter to the Highways Authority Meeting for a decision to be made. In the meantime, the Roads Section is still awaiting the arrival of mirrors.


A concerned member of the public raised an issue about congestion, due to people parking on the double yellow lines, in the Duke of Edinburgh playground area, especially in the afternoon around 4pm.

 This is ongoing problem which is constantly monitored by Police throughout the day. This matter will be addressed in the next Highways Authority meeting. In the interim, Police will work with other agencies to find a solution.

The Briars

Concerns were raised about the retaining wall in front of the embankment, outside of the residence of Mr Brian Young, on Constitution Road in the Briars which was supposed to have been completed as part of the upgrade of Constitution Road. 

 This matter was sent to ‘Report It, Sort It’ who confirmed that the wall was not completed due to the fact that the Roads 1 Project has been exhausted. There are no plans for this wall to go ahead as the purpose would only be to stop the debris coming onto the road. In the case of heavy rains the debris is cleared and picked up by the Roads Section.

Although many areas were visited by Police during the month of July, members of the public did not share any concerns in the Longwood, Levelwood, Blue Hill, St Paul’s and Sandy Bay areas. St Helena Police encourages you, the public, to come forward with any concerns that you may have. If you prefer to have a one-to-one discussion, please don’t hesitate to contact the Police.


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7 August 2018

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