In recent times, St Helena Police have adopted a softer approach to addressing the parking issues in Jamestown by engaging with the community, holding several campaigns to educate the public, and just simply moving vehicles on.

As part of the Police Community Engagement Beat Surgeries, as well as through Police Officers’ own observations, parking issues have noticeably increased in the Jamestown area. Drivers are deliberately parking illegally and not complying with parking restrictions.

It has been proven from previous campaigns that when drivers comply with parking restrictions, such as using the two hour limited parking, the public was pleased and satisfied that they could find a parking space in Jamestown.

Due to increases in illegal parking, the public is advised that the softer approach will no longer be taken and a decision has now been made to shortly commence a Parking Enforcement Campaign. The Police have started the planning phase and are working with partner agencies before it commences.

More details of the Parking Enforcement Campaign will be given once the next steps have been agreed.

In the meantime, Police will continue to monitor parking in Jamestown and all drivers are advised to park legally and comply with any restrictions, while ensuring no illegal obstructions are caused.

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17 August 2018

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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