The St Helena Health Directorate has been working very hard over the years to improve the quality and variety of the services offered within the Directorate.

Councillor Cyril Leo very recently published a letter in the local press requesting that any member of the public provides feedback to the Health Directorate on the services offered. This is one of the many ways the Health Directorate can measure if the changes made are working well or not. Your comments and suggestions are also essential in helping to guide future changes and improvements.

There are many ways in which members of the public can give feedback (it doesn’t matter if you are a patient, relative or visitor – the Directorate welcomes as much feedback as possible). You can provide feedback to the Directorate by:

  • Speaking to any of the nurses on duty, or any member of the Health Directorate staff (if you are in another setting)
  • Speaking to the Nursing Officer (for Hospital or Community) or any of the Section Heads (Dental, Pharmacy, Administration, Laboratory, Mental Health and Environmental Health)
  • Writing your feedback down on paper or using the Friends & Family Questionnaire. Further information on the Friends & Family Questionnaire, along with the actual form, is available on the SHG Website at: Hardcopies will also be available across the Directorate visible within each section area or just ask your health professional

The Directorate can take details of your feedback, whether it is positive or negative. Your feedback can be recorded anonymously if you want. However it needs to be specific so that the Directorate can react to it.

If you feel more comfortable going to a Councillor with your feedback, this is welcome too. They will also ask you to be specific in your feedback to help the Directorate. They will write it down and send it on to the Directorate. Again, it can remain anonymous if you wish.

If your feedback relates to a specific case and you want this discussed, you will need to provide a clear description and the Health Directorate will need to have your contact details.

If you have a serious concern or complaint, this can be sent in writing, or please go and discuss it with a senior member of the team. The Directorate will take your complaint seriously and investigate.

If you have any questions about the Health Directorate that you wish to be answered, the service will be putting together a Q&A sheet for publication at the end of the month. Please submit any questions about the health service or structure to the Hospital Nursing Officer, Lisa Niemand, via email:  or by tel: 22500 ext: 2040.


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8 May 2018


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